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>Moving on over

>Hi. Thanks for dropping by. This used to be the site for me to post my CD reviews, but I’m now just posting them on my regular blog, Modern Acoustic at so everything will be in one, easy-to-find place.  Check it … Continue reading

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>Lyrically Speaking: Burgundy Shoes

>   To me, Patty Griffin is a vastly underappreciated singer and songwriter in popular music. Maybe the word popular is the problem. She is far outside the realm of the fans of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and even to a … Continue reading

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>Lyrically speaking: Lantern

>  Last week, I posted lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s “Furry Sings the Blues,” basically because I really dig the song. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it might be cool to ocasionally posted lyrics to … Continue reading

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>Lyrically speaking: Furry Sings the Blues

> Furry Lewis (from the Falstaff beer site) This has always been one of my favorite songs by Joni Mitchell. The song written about bluesman Furry Lewis is amazing and the lyrics just brings him and Beale Street in Memphis … Continue reading

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>Videos and other stuff

>I ocassionally run across videos and other things that catch my eye. In the past I’ve just posted them up on my Facebook page (HERE) because it is quick and easy. But in a little rethinking, I think they should … Continue reading

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>An honor

>  To quote Sally Field: “They like me, they really like me!”I jest, but I am quite honored that this blog has been named one of the 25 Best Blogs for Folk Music Fans by Here is what they say:The … Continue reading

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>Double play: Eilen Jewell at Johnny D’s, Sarah Harmer at the Paradise, Nov. 6, 2010

> Sarah Harmer at the Paradise Ever have one of those nights where plans seem to just magically work, no matter what they are? Last Saturday, as much as a month ago, was tagged as a “tough call night” as … Continue reading

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